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Depression's Rise

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I wearily close my eyes,
As the darkness of night falls.
On yet another lonely day,
trapped again within these walls.
I reach out to light a candle,
And watch intently at its flame.
As the playful dancing light,
Seems to whisper out my name.

Calling me forever closer,
Pulling me now further in.
As I drift off to dream,
From this tortured world of sin.
Consumed by the fire,
Releasing up my soul.
As my mind seems to wander.
In a state of lost control.

In these moments of distraction,
That my sanity’s now dealt.
The hours pass like seconds,
As the candle slowly melts.

In a corner of my mind,
The distant future's what I glimpse.
Of a hell made in heaven,
In a blood red rinse.
Where the angels of the devil,
Scream violently in pain.
Their enduring satisfaction,
Redeeming pleasure as their gain.

Like the decaying of a corpse,
Or rose petals as it wilts.
The hours pass like seconds,
As the candle slowly melts.

As I see beyond illusion,
Reality slips in again unseen.
For these moments of gratification,
Alas was just a dream.
As I struggle against temptation,
Self preservation's what I fight.
But this battles nearly over,
And the end must fall tonight.

So as this burning mass of wax,
Nears the end of its belt.
My life will soon be over,
As the candle slowly melts.



I love you,
Yet still you cut.
Don’t you care about me?
You say that you love me too,
But those words sound so weak,
So hollow,
When I see your wrists.
Inflicting pain on you,
On me,
Hurting you,
Hurting me,
Yet still you cut.

Does it really ease the pain?
Does it?
Maybe I should try it too.
Still you cut
Inflicting pain on you,
On me.
You tell me you love me.
Those words seem so weak,
So hollow
When I see your wrists.
Still hurting you,
Always hurting me,
Yet still I love you.