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Dark Erotica

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Your torso lies on the bed



Dreaming to be taken by the angel of light

The same dream that has kept you alive

Through the hell of the reality in which you live


You dream to feel your winged salvation

Cup your tender breasts gently

Caress your velvet smooth form

You dream so intensely

That you feel each magic touch

As your saviour brings you to join him in paradise


As you revel in the moment of passions climax

You lovingly begin to part your eyes

Praying to catch a glimpse of your heavenly lover

To hold in your memory for all eternity

Instead though the passion fuses with pain

As all you see is the creature you despise

Taking you once again in a moment of fragility


The dreamlike gentle cupping of your breasts

Is the beast in reality

Ripping its sharp talons across your soft supple flesh

Leaving his mark of scorn

On your canvas of scarred beauty


Like so many times before he lies above your helpless form

Raping you of the little you have left

Long ago he stripped your once perfect gentle form

Of the limbs that made you free

Leaving a helpless creature

With no fingers to claw with

No legs to kick with

No arms to resist

The onset of this evil beast’s desire


Each night he takes you to the pit of damnation

Rapes you till it burns

The bloody partially healed scars

Are ripped open once again

To free the blood within

Your once pale skin

Stained each night a crimson red

Each night even your tears betray you

As the salty rivers roll and sting your many wounds

Worse of all though

Each night the self hatred grows

As each night despite the pain, hate and disgust

He grants you orgasmic climax


You pray to be saved

For him to tire of you

For him to simply let you die

To be released from this brutal hell

Still your heart and soul are broken

You know you are trapped

This can never end

For you are his prize

And he will never part


Tonight as you lie with the beast inside

Feeling the involuntary climax grow near

A light shines through

The dream


Once again you open your eyes

Long since closed to blind the form of your disdain

The beast pulls out of your battered form

With all the brutality of which he had once entered


The disbelief fires up the coldness of your soul

As you see the brilliant white angel of whom you dreamed

Sword in hand

Slaying the nightmare that’s ruled you

The creature that’s taken your life


As the beasts dying form bleeds

Your angel approaches

The scars and blood that cover you

Recede until only your long lost beauty remains

Your torso is once again joined with your long departed limbs

Once again you can touch

The pain no longer tainting each feeling you endure


You look upon the creature of your salvation as he wraps his wings around you

Cradling your gentle form reformed

Willingly your legs part

Offering the pink treasure that until this time had always been abused

The angel joins with you as one

Cupping your tender breasts gently

Caressing your skin so soft

You are barely aware

As you rise up from the dark of the place that for decades you’ve resided

To the light of the heavenly sky above

As your angel gently fucks you to salvation

Every inch of you kissed



As he rides you to your most loving climax







The pain is very real


You don’t understand?

The dream

It wasn’t just the dream



As the hallucination subsides

Once again you see the beast

Ravaging your insides

Fucking you in a bath of your own blood

Just another one of his cruel games

Another of his tortures

For he is pure evil personified

And you see only that what he wants you to see

For he is, now and always will be your lover

And you will always be his desire

As once again you wish for death


She lies there
Awaiting my touch
Willingly surrendered
She waits
Bound and tied
Gripped with anticipation
Longing to be taken
Longing to be used
The scent of her lust fills the air
Please she begs
Do what you will
Enter me
Ravage me
I’m yours
Closer I move
I reach out
Touch her breast
Caress her curvature
She trembles
The Pounding of her heart
Vibrating up my arm
To the tune of my own
I move to kiss her
First her lips
Her neck
Her hard nipples
The journey continues
The lower I go
Greater the pleasure
I taste her
Sweet as honey
She pants
I can’t get enough
She can’t get enough
I can restrain myself no more
I loosen my belt
Free myself of clothing’s restraints
I pull her closer
Penetrating her tight, wet cunt
She gasps
As I move deep inside
All the time caressing her figure of beauty
Teasing her nipples with my tongue
Two bodies joined in one rhythm
A passionate dance of harmony
Mutual pleasure of two souls joined in lust
As the rhythm increases
As does the screams
The ecstasy
She pulls at her restraints
An involuntary reaction
To her desire of domination
Delight in being a willing love slave
Harder, faster she pants
Punish me
Gripping down hard on her wrists
I pin her down
As my arousal peaks
Thrusting hard
I spill my load deep into her sopping wet hole
As she screams out in brutal climax



Good evening dear fellow
Would you care to lend a hand?
See I need to ask a favour
Nay I fear I must demand

You see I have my daughter with me
A fragile girl you see
With a penchant for the finer things
My lovely girl Marie

She saw you from across the way
And deemed you were the man
Destined to fulfil all her needs
And christen her divan

Forgive me sir don’t think ill of me
For what I ask I know seems strange
To hand out my daughter in this way
Could be called a tad deranged

But though she may seem young to you
She is indeed sixteen
With a hunger and a sordid lust
For the erotically obscene

All that I ask for my return
Is to watch in your delight
As she takes that hardened shaft of yours
To penetrate her hole so tight

You’ll squeeze her breasts with manly hands
Till you bruise them with your grip
Suck on her nipples till they’re raw
Then her virgin hole you’ll rip

As she rides you hard I’ll watch you both
Embracing all the sordid screams
You’ll rape her virgin hole all night
Till her virgin blood it streams

When all is done and tears are shed
I’ll pay you half a crown
Then I’ll ravage her bleeding glory hole
Forever stain her bridal gown