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Byron Quinn is the story of a script based character that over time has evolved into the alter ego of his creator Jonathan Martin.
A 28 year old Englishman based in the City of Derby, a writer of scripts and dark poetry.
A graduate of BSc Psychology and Computing (Hons) currently working in the health sector as an Assistant House Manager, predominatly with learning disabilities, challenging behaviour and mental health issues.
The subjects of which I write are often of a dark, disturbing and controversial nature. The subject matter includes the occult, erotica, twisted thoughts, demonic legends, the supernatural, religious ramblings and a host of things I'm not even sure how to categorise.

I hope you all enjoy this journey in to the dark world of my twisted mind. I can guarantee an emotional trip that at times I’m sure will really make you stop and contemplate your life, your beliefs and your very existence. If you are lucky you may even come out of the other end unscathed.

Enjoy the ride and rest well

Byron Quinn (aka Jonathan Martin)

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