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Hi guys, just swinging by to make some general updates to the site and thought I'd answer a question that was put to me by 'Rene'. Why the name Byron Quinn?
Well Byron Quinn is the name of a character from the first script I wrote, as I wrote the script he became one of my favourite characters for me to write for and this character has since found his way into other works I've written, it just seemed natural when I needed to use a pen name to use the name of this character. The name is purely a name I came up with and liked the ring to and is not based on and person past or present but purely a fictional character.
Hope that answers the question and till next time... Rest Well ;)
16TH JUNE 2009
Well it's been a long time since an updates been posted. Life's been busy of late. However just wanted to draw your attention to my new FREE Poetry Writing Service as launched today, please take a look at the link and if there's something you'd like me to write for you I'll be happy to help!
Also a reminder to you all that my dark collaborative novel with ReflectingEye, 'The Masonic Plague', a dark and graphic piece set in 1890's London  is still going strong and the first draft is approaching completion. Click the link to take a read, early reviews have been very positive with great feedback, just be prepared due to its high graphic nature this really is one for OVER 18's only.
Til next time... Rest Well
14TH MARCH 2008
Hello, just a quick update today to let you all know that 'Velvet Dreams - The 3rd Dark Poetry Anthology' was made available for purchase from today, to order your copy simply click the link above.
Rest Well
Hello everyone, well it seem I've been neglecting the updates on this site for a little while so thought I better bring everyone back up to speed.
First of all thanks to all those who contributed their work to the 3rd Annual Dark Poetry Contest. It turned out to be a great success and those winners who have had their work chosen for inclusion in my 3rd Dark Poetry book "Velvet Dreams" have all now been notified and I can happily advise you all that the book is scheduled for release on the 14th March 08 and will be available from Lulu.Com.
The completion of "Velvet Dreams" marks the final installment of the Dark Poetry Anthology. As a result for the time being I do not intend to be running the Dark Poetry Contest this year myself. However I do hope that as it has gained quite a following over the last 3 years that someone may wish to take over the staging of this years contest. If so please contact me and we'll sort it out, i'd be particularly interested in anyone of you in the position to allow the same opportunity to have peoples work published as has become the tradition with the contest over the last 3 years.
So if I'm not doing the dark poetry this year than what is it I'll be working on you may wonder. Well over the last few months I've been working with Anthony D. Redden (aka ReflectingEye) on a Dark Horror/Fiction novel by the name "The Masonic Plague". This has been taking up a great deal of my time and will continue to do so I expect for the remainder of the year, in the meantime though I hope to release a collection of Dark Erotic Poetry later on in the year by the working name of "Body and Soul - The Dark Pleasures".
Well that's enough waffling from me for now, hope you all enjoy the forthcoming book and I thank all of you who have contributed your work to help make it possible. Until next time, Rest Well...
20TH MARCH 2007
Hello, Just a quick message to let you all know that my 3rd Annual Dark Poetry Contest is up and running on For any up and coming writers not familiar with this site I highly recommend joining it, it's a great your work reviewed and obtain feedback ad basic membership is free.
Should anyone wish to enter this years contest simply click the link below (although please keep in mind you will need to have joined in order to enter).
Again like in each of the previous years a select few pieces (8-10 to be a little more specific) will have the opportunity to have their work published. This years contest winners will be selected for publication in my next book 'VELVET DREAMS', so get writing
and rest welll...
Hello again, glad you could join me.
This is just a quick entry to let you all know that 'Velvet Paradox' my 2nd Dark Poetry Anthology, is now available and can be purchased directly from the publisher at the link below:
For those of you who take the trouble to purchase the book, which can be downloaded from the link as well as purchased in print, I hope you all enjoy what you find within and I would really enjoy your feedback.
The third installment of my dark poetry book anthology 'Velvet Dreams' is already underway and I am now once again accepting submissions for work you'd like me to consider for publication in its guests section. To submit work just email me the piece to my address below and I promise to get back to you with feedback.
Talk to you all soon... well
Byron Quinn
I am no longer taken any new submissions for my upcoming book 'Velvet Paradox' due out November 2006. However please feel free to submit any poems you'd like me to take a look at and if I like them I may publish them at a later date in my future release 'Velvet Dreams'.
May you all rest well
27TH JULY 2006
Some of you may be aware that at the end of last year I published my first book 'Velvet Death'. Although initially it was intended as a one off it soon became apparent to me that it was incomplete and merely the first part of something bigger.
Almost immediately on its release work began in compiling its continuation 'Velvet Paradox'. 'Velvet Paradox' is the continuation of what 'Velvet Death' started, going darker, and deeper into the twisted depths of the human psyche and the disturbing things of which we are all capable of. A lot of what will be contained challenges the boundaries of what is acceptable but where as others avoid the bitter truth of reality, choosing to protect themselves and others from the true realization of the darker nature of us, our beliefs and this world in general, this collection of poetry faces these issues and ideas head on.
In addition to the dark creations of my own work I will be including a small section towards the end of the book to showcase the work of other talented poets I believe are worthy of exposure. Therefore I invite YOU ALL to send me pieces of dark poetry that you would like to have included in the book, however be aware that only the very best will be included in the book, limited to a maximum of 10 writers some of which have already been allocated. Any pieces you would like to send for consideration email me at and I'll get back to you. 
'Velvet Paradox - The 2nd Dark Poetry Anthology' is due for release mid November, further details of which will be made available as i get them.
Until next time...
...Rest well!