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FREE Poem Writing Service

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Want to tell a loved one how you feel but don't quite know how to put it into words?
Fear not, let me do it for you! Whether you want to tell someone about your feelings of undying love or simply want a fun personalised poem for a loved one or friend then get in touch and I'll be happy to see what i can do.
Simply email me their name and some basic information about the person of things you'd like mentioning, and of course the purpose of the poem, whether it be humourous, love, birthday etc and I'll do the rest. A photo of the person in question is also always handy to ensure that personal touch!
Due to demand it's best to give me a couple of weeks to get things done but for a limited time this is a free service. All I ask is that you in turn provide feedback that I can then publish on this or any other site used to advertise this service (whether free or paid) in the future.
So what you waiting for get a poem for your loved one today!!!

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