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Heart Breakers

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Born too young,
For life not yet prepared.
They tell me its no-ones fault,
Just one of those things,
Your child may be fine,
We’ll just have to wait.

So there you lie
In your incubator asleep,
Fighting on for survival,
Your mother still ill,
So much loss of blood.
Maybe I should be with her,
Though I know she’d want me with you.
My child,

So I sit and watch,
My heart beating to the sound
Of the mechanical blip,
That tells me you’re alive.

The doctor’s tell me I should sleep,
Should go home and rest,
Don’t they understand?
All I love
Is here.

Hours pass,
Still no change.
I recognise the look of fear in the nurse's faces,
For when I look in the mirror,
It matches that of my own.
Is hope fading?
Will you survive?

Much later now,
My battle with the tiredness continues,
I’m losing,
My eyes are heavy,
Though moistened by the welling tears,
I drift,

I dream of you,
My child
Cradled in my arms,
Giving you comfort as you cry,
Daddy will make it all better,
A pleasant dream.

Alarm bells ring,
The mechanical blip of your heart
Sounding a sombre low tone.
The nurses come running
But there’s nothing that can be done.
Just as quickly as I’m torn away
From your dreamland tears,
Your life is ripped away from me,
And my own tears start to flow,
My child,

As I walk out the room,
In need of air,
My need to breathe,
Another nurse approaches
Unaware of my sudden loss.
Sir I have news,
It’s about your wife,
I’m sorry.


She dances alone in the light of the moon
Where the silence soothes her heart
Where the cold night breeze falls so still
Where she carves the ice to art

With her fallen tears she formed the land
Where tonight she glides with grace
Where haunting dreams of yesteryear
Awaken memories time long erased

Where she was once the princess bride
With her lover close by her side
Where together they’d dance the night alive
Until that night where here he died

Still on she skates with heavy heart
Forever grieving this his grave
For even now that she’s past on
Her mournful heart no God can save

Deep in the darkness
My Angel now hides
Betrayed by your lies
Her wounds
Blood weeping
Her head hung low
Raped by fear
With nowhere to go
A thousand sad years
Tormented in hell
A thousand sad years
Condemned to this cell
Her prayers unanswered
Her spirit long gone
Her soul just a shadow
Loved by no-one
Suffering forever
The torture and pain
Torn by the sinners
A victim of their game
Though on she must suffer
Alone as hope dies
For in silence now listen
As my Angel cries