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Creatures of the Night

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The Wolf Inside


The wolf inside me hides

Prowls the darkest depths of my soul

In its wisdom it remains in the shadows

Though protects with all its being

All that which holds importance

By day though asleep

The wolf is eternally aware

Conscious of the dangers that seek to destroy him

So in the night he may come alive

Do that which is necessary

To preserve the beast


The wolf inside is strong

He can not be silenced nor ignored

And never would that be my desire

For the wolf is part of me

Who I am

The creature that fuels my soul

My desires

My preservation


In the night we join as one

Where solace unites our dreams

Giving strength to live


Don’t misunderstand though

This is not a time for our forms to merge

This is no movie tale of superstition

The wolf forever lives inside

Hidden in the shadows

Still his spirit thrives

He guides me

He’s alive

The wolf inside